The Ocean is the Limit – Jeroen van de Waal

About OrcaNation At OrcaNation we strive to become a central hub for action, education and hope, for the oceans. To spark a movement for ocean conservation and adventure. To demonstrate as humanity heals the oceans, the oceans will heal humanity. Over the...

About OrcaNation

At OrcaNation we strive to become a central hub for action, education and hope, for the oceans. To spark a movement for ocean conservation and adventure. To demonstrate as humanity heals the oceans, the oceans will heal humanity. Over the past 24 months we have organized 30 school camps, inspired 3,000 students with our workshops and keynote speeches and certified more than 1,000 scuba divers.

Coral Reefs Orca Scuba

Orca Milestones

  • We have entered into collaboration with more than 25 schools in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
  • We are developing educational material and outdoor activities to support the IGCSE and IB programmes as well as local educational systems in those cities.
  • We became part of the global organisation Change Makers, Rule Breakers – supported by Sir Richard Branson
  • We landed in the Top-3 positions as the most innovative Green Collaboration initiative in Singapore, together with Saint Joseph’s Institution International.
  • We won the heavyweight start-up competition “Get-in-the-Ring” and competed in the Global Finally for the same.
  • We organised lectures and keynote speeches for the Royal Geographical Society of London’s HK chapter
  • Recently entered into talks with the Cousteau Foundation via PY Cousteau, Jacque Cousteau’s son.
  • This year we will reach SGD 1.5 million in revenue and orders booked from our SG-HQ and Rawa operations. In 2019 this will grow to revenues of SGD 5 million and additional offices in KL, HK and 6 new OrcaNation resorts.

The Oceans are the limit, not the Sky

We are running out of time. We all need the oceans to survive. It is one minute before midnight on the scale of the evolution’s timeline. Our children, the next generations, our future needs a positive outlook. We cannot be complacent, stagnant and await problems to sort themselves.

Our Health is Reliant on the Oceans

Our oceans are directly linked to human nations health. 70% of the world’s Oxygen and 60% of the global protein needs are generated by the oceans. We have to prevent Animal Planet from turning into History Channel.

We need to inspire children and young people under 30. They represent 60% of the global population and we need them to re-educate their parents and other adults. We want to reach 5.5 billion humans and support them to make a change and save the planet, oceans and ourselves.

What & How are we delivering unforgettable experiences to children, schools and families?

Based around conservation, education, adventure and travel – in the oceans and on dry land. 3 Key Targets:

  • We make people reconnect with their core values,
  • Awake their adventurous spirits,
  • And we turn their dreams into life lasting unforgettable memories.

Our partners, customers and students become passionate for life, connected to the oceans and nature and become ocean ambassadors.

Dive against debris orca maka maka

We believe in a positive future. The most powerful tool mankind ever invented is education. We need to open our eyes, mind and hearts to the problems. We need to take responsibility and not blame. Make a commitment to making a difference. Take action right now beginning a lifelong adventure. Personal I want to show the next generations the right way.

“I want to protect and inspire young people that their passion will lead them to greater heights, success and satisfaction.”

My big vision is to make children and their families fall deeply in love with the oceans and have a sense of urgency for their conservation and repair.

Join us in saving the planet, oceans and ourselves.

Start helping out wherever you can, whenever you can, become Orca ambassadors by participating in our scuba training programmes, school trips, corporate outings and progressive partnership opportunities. We are scaling up our business, opening new locations to celebrate time with your family, enjoy the oceans and put a purpose in your free time. We are launching projects to support local communities and give people around South East Asia a chance to celebrate opportunities to learn with us.

At OrcaNation we are launching our “Zero to Hero” programme.

Our corporate and individual customers are helping us to sponsor scholarships for Malaysian and Indonesian youngsters. Giving them 6 to 12 months of boarding, food and dive training. Enabling them to learn from the best.

Support our activities, work with OrcaNation. Enjoy our services, adventures and events, while supporting this initiative at the same time.

  • We are collaborating with the Bawah Anambas Foundation on the establishment of a Community Enterprise – a big dream – helping the region. More about this in a later post by Jerry Winata.
  • Maintain Momentum Over the next 5 to 10 years we want to reach millions of children throughout our endeavors.
  • We are planning to open 15 offices and 100 ocean resorts throughout Southeast Asia, impacting hundreds of thousands and creating local employment for many.
  • The first big steps are our Zero-to-Hero programme, the Community Enterprise in Telaga
  • and our Orqua – Water Saving the Planet project.

We have by now organized more than 30 school camps, won various awards and prices, reached the PADI 5 Star IDC status for South East Asia and won various tenders to support our expansion plans. We passed the Due Diligence process with IIX and received a powerful Social-Return on Investment report – supporting our case.

“We will be opening OrcaNation Centers at Ayana Komodo, One & Only Desaru and Bawah Reserve, among others.”

Join us in celebrating our success by supporting our causes. Spread the word, visit our new locations and come to our future talks and workshops. During Q1-2019 we will organize a New Years Launch event where our new branding and social marketing campaign will be launched. Contact us to take part in our coming OrcaNation events.

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