New Scuba Divers in August

Orca Scuba Students who became new scuba divers in August. Once again we would like to give a shout out to everyone who gained a PADI scuba certification and became new scuba divers in August. Congratulations to all of you!  Again we had people certifying at...

Orca Scuba Students who became new scuba divers in August.

Once again we would like to give a shout out to everyone who gained a PADI scuba certification and became new scuba divers in August.

Congratulations to all of you!  Again we had people certifying at many levels. Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, and this month also Open Water Scuba Instructor.

If you did a course with us and did not get a mention send us a mail and let us know!

Here is a list of our new scuba divers in August.

With instructor Britney Ireland

Victoria aced her rescue diver course with Britney. This mother of 2 daughters is very nurturing and kind to victims but also very tough and confident. She may be small but don’t underestimate her, she is veracious! Well done to you!

Orca Scuba - New Scuba Divers in August


Jaydn, wow! What a character! His PADI Open Water course was his 10th birthday present and it couldn’t have come sooner. He was born to dive and can tell you almost every shark species name and where to find them. Plans to be a marine biologist when he grows up. Well done kid! We hope you spread your love for sharks around the world.

Nicola is our customer service expert here at Orca Scuba and is now also an advanced diver thanks to Britney who has taught her both her PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water Courses. Congratulation on completing you New Year’s resolution Nicky! We love that you think every dive is AMAZING (which it is). Now we just need to teach you how to stop wandering off by yourself underwater!

Anabel completed her PADI Open Water course with her youngest son in some mom and son bonding. Showed excellent improvement in her buoyancy and was lucky enough to see a shark on their last dive.

Harry, son of Anabel is amazing at remembering all the scuba diving acronyms and rules for diving and has become an expert at playing in the sand while waiting for others to complete their skills. Congratulations to your Mom and you!

Angus – OW Struggled to equalize during his first attempt in Indonesia. Finally got his certification here on Rawa and was really lucky with seeing cuttlefish (maybe he can speak cuttlefish). We can’t wait to have him back for more courses. We know he definitely had his eye on the Night Diver course.  Well done Angus!

Orca Scuba - New Divers in August

With Instructor Cameron O’friel

Dhawal managed to fly through his PADI Open Water on Rawa in just two and a half days, having already completed his online training. We have an amazing variety of food on our buffet. However, if you are Dhawal’s wife and you are reading this, please know that he dearly missed your cooking!  Awwwww! Well done Sir!

Dominik & Johnathan: two good buddies who have now become Open Water divers.  They had a great time exploring the reef around Rawa with Cameron.  We hope to see you back for your advanced course soon!

Iain from Scotland was a great student mastering the open water course like he was meant to dive! Referred to us by our part time dive master & master mariner, Tony.  Now you have one more buddy to go diving with on Rawa.  Well done Iain!

With Instructor Kev McLoughlin & Seng Quee 

Tess just celebrated her tenth birthday and became old enough to complete her open water course. Wow, what a lady! She truly was one of the best students we have had, super smart and as tough as nails.  Well done Tess.

With Instructor Kev McLoughlin

Olivier was one of the most relaxed students we have come across, he took to the water like a fish, your fellow countryman Jacques Cousteau would have been proud. Hopefully your young buddy Tess has inspired your own young son to give diving a try.

With Instructor Simone Wirthmann

Siri was already a PADI Scuba Diver when she came to us and had booked an upgrade for a Jr OWD certification.

Unfortunately, the first attempt to come to Rawa in April failed due to sickness, but she aced it this time around, managed to get a dive in with her certified diver Mom Cecilia and even made a new dive buddy friend in Tess.  Congratulations young lady!

Orca Scuba - New Divers in August

With Instructors Simone Wirthmann & Emma Sparrow

Sisters Pippa and Lili have dived with Orca Scuba many times previously and had already become PADI Seal Team members in Singapore last year and have even been on multiple Discover Scuba Dives on Rawa before, completing their Jr OWD.

Pippa is super relaxed under water and is a master navigator all ready. She had no problems bringing the team back to the entry point on their last dive.

Lili loves Yoga and has discussed the possibility of underwater Yoga with Orca Dive & Yoga instructor Emma. She loved

the dives North of the dive center and displayed an unnatural ability to identify fish. Well done to both of you!

Orca Scuba - New Divers in August

St Joseph’s International Institute

This month we also had the pleasure of welcoming all the great students and teachers from St Joseph’s International Institute (SJII) Singapore back to Rawa. We had open water divers upgrading to advanced, advanced upgrading to rescue, specialty courses and fun divers.

We are very proud of you all, especially considering we had some challenging conditions, this is what scuba training is all about! Well done to you all and we look forward to having you back yet again in October.

Orca Scuba - New Scuba Divers in August

With Staff Instructor Simone Wirthmann & Course Director Gaz Lyden.

Also this month we are very proud to have created four new PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors. Well done to George, Nadia, Emma and Ron who completed their PADI Instructor Development Course.


If you want to join them contact us now and sign up for a PADI course and see your own smiling face up here next month. Contact us on dive@orcascuba now!


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