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Orca Scuba would like to give a big shout out to everyone who gained a PADI scuba certification with us these past few months. Congratulations to you all!  We had people certifying at all levels. Open water, advanced, rescue, wreck, search & recovery...

600 x 800 Orca Scuba Team

Orca Scuba would like to give a big shout out to everyone who gained a PADI scuba certification with us these past few months.

Congratulations to you all!  We had people certifying at all levels. Open water, advanced, rescue, wreck, search & recovery, divemaster and even staff instructor.

Each month we will post a small article giving all of you the recognition you deserve.  If you did a course with us and did not get a mention send us a mail and let us know!

With instructor Richard Mountain

Brothers Devin & Zain:  Devin has aspirations to maybe become an underwater photographer for National Geographic & Zain loves National Geographic documentaries about underwater sea creatures+

Father and son team Christophe & Mattis first did a DSD with us a couple of months ago.  They have since been certified as Open Water Divers through another agency and returned to Orca Scuba to complete their Advanced Open Water as well as the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Certifications.

600 x 800 Richard Zain, Devin Mattis and Christophe

With instructor Britney Ireland

Ashley, Hector & Theo traveled all the way from London to visit the campus of Marlborough College in Johor, the same college they attend in England.  We know they were a little tired when they arrived and were very impressed with their enthusiasm even though.  Well done on the successful completion of your PADI open water course guys!

Ashley: Calls himself the guardian angel, as he likes diving from above, and peeing in his wetsuit… Hmmmm!  Hector: Really enjoys finding small things underwater and falling asleep in the classroom. Theo:  Is really good at navigating underwater and being late for theory sessions.

Ronan: Began the course in Singapore with Kev and took to the water like a fish, no problems whatsoever!  He quickly mastered the art of buoyancy and made best friends with a batfish! Well done sir!

Paulina & Artur: Paulina was not a fan of big stuff underwater (yet), we understand it can take a while to settle in, but she showed a huge improvement in buoyancy skills as the course progressed. Artur settled in a bit quicker and particularly enjoyed doing CESAs sitting down! He loves every dive no matter what the conditions.

600 x 800 Britney Hector, Theo, Ashley, Ronan, Paulina & Artur

With Instructor Cameron O’friel

Francois:  Francois seemed like a pro diver from day one! Are you sure you needed to do the open water course?  He was lucky enough to see a juvenile angel fish, yellow boxfish and cleaner pipefish all on the same dive. Congratulations!

Father and Son team Lucas & Clay: also did their open water course: unfortunately, these lovers of Game of Thrones had to miss the premier of season 7 to get it done, but both agreed it was worth it! We hope you caught up afterwards, well done guys!

600 x 800 Cameron, Lucas, Clay & Francois

With Instructor Richard (the inspector) Dolman

Husband and wife team Christian & Inga. Christian, what can we say? Dived like a fish from dive one, well done. Inga nick-named ‘Yo Yo’ for her vertical exploration of the dive sites. But mastered her buoyancy control in the end, congratulations!

On the same open water course we had Ong. She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere, very speedy around the dive sites. But once she settled down she looked very good in the water, well done to you!

Another open water course saw trio of friends Jet, finn and Thomas become instant scuba legends. Jet overcame his fear of taking his mask off and now wants to be a divemaster, but needs to learn how to take his fins off!! Well done young man!

Finn A.K.A Mr 99%, in his theory, found patterns in every exam! Did very well under the water as well particularly once he got a new ‘non-leaking’ mask.

Thomas, once he stopped diving with his arms he did very well. He had the best frog kick of the group. Keep up the great work boys! .

Stefan looks like he was born underwater, a complete natural. Nicknamed snake eyes after an on land encounter! Congrats on your open water.

Ryan completed his wreck and search & recoveryRyan has spent some time with us working as an intern, where he did these two specs. He found controlling his buoyancy whilst exploring the inside of the wreck particularly challenging. But his navigational skills were excellent and helped him find ALL the coins and the lost tires. Very good work, well done.

Ryan also completed his Project Aware specialty with instructor Britney and his Advanced and Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty with Instructor Richard Mountain. Wow! That is a whole lot of diving right there Ryan. Bravo!

600 x 800 Rich D, Jet, Finn, Thomas, Stefan, Christian, Inga & Ong

With Instructor Natasha Stefanovska

Multi-lingual Lenka was already well on her way to becoming a scuba diver, having already completed 3 Bubble Makers before her Open Water. This little lady has exceptional fish identification abilities and loves to help with SMB deployment at the end of a dive. Congratulations on your Junior Open Water Certification!

Natasha, Lenka D Chvojková_JROW

With the whole team

Teller of stories, underwater photographer extraordinaire & gentle man Paul Gwynn completed both his self-reliant diver and his divemaster training with us. A BIG congratulation to you Paul, we very much look forward too many more dives together.

600 x 800 Paul, Kev,Sim, Natasha, Rich 1 & 2, Cam Britney

With Course Director Gaz Lyden

Finally, we would like to say congratulations to our very own amazing PADI master scuba diver trainers who have now become PADI Staff Instructors: Simone Wirthmann, Kev McLoughlin, Richard Mountain, Richard Dolman, Natasha Stefanovska, Matt Headan and Fanny Rotsaert. Onwards and upwards!

600 x 800 Gaz, Kev, Sim, Natasha, Richard, Rich, Matt, Fanny

Look at all those happy faces! If you want to the join them contact us now and sign up for a PADI course and see your own smiling face up here next month. Contact us on dive@orcascuba now!

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