Jeroen van de Waal

Founder & Chief Orca

Jeroen van de Waal is building a network to do good. He works with children, academics, explorers, inventors, schools, universities, multinational companies and research labs across the globe. Using OrcaNation as an accelerator, Jeroen is focused on bringing like-minded people together to turn the tide on destruction, pollution and start putting the oceans, planet and nature first.

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Dave Acton


A native of Canada originally, Dave has lived in Singapore for over 10 years, and worked extensively throughout Southeast Asia and China, as a CEO, Business Leader and Consultant in both the Franchising and Food & Beverage industries. Having been an active diver since 1985, and an Instructor since 2017, it’s been a natural transition for Dave to combine his business and leisure passions, joining OrcaNation and continuing our growth and expansion, bringing the Sea Change message to as many people as possible.

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Kevin McLoughlin


Kev is a PADI & SSI Staff Instructor from Ireland. He has been diving for 20 years and working as a dive pro for 15. Kev is an experienced dive guide, instructor and dive center manager, having worked in Thailand, the Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Kevin has been part of the Orca pod in one way or another from the very beginning.
He and his wife Simone taught diving and marine conservation awareness at schools in Singapore and managed Orca’s dive centers on Rawa and Komodo. Recently he has been running our social media. Diving in Europe, Africa, and south-east Asia, Kev’s wracked up 5000+ dives and counting. His passions are the ocean, marine life, taking underwater photos and videos, and bending the ear off anyone willing to listen to tall tales about diving.

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Andrew Dyne

Director of School Sales
& Business Development

Andrew joined us in Jan 2020 following a very successful 7-year stint at Ecofieldtrips. He brings a wealth of experience in this industry, and will help drive OrcaNation for Schools to the forefront of outdoor & environmental education in SEA. Andrew is a very keen sportsman & in his spare time you’ll likely find him on a football pitch, cricket field or tennis court. He is very passionate about getting students learning outside of the classroom and hopes to play a key role in driving the next generation of global thinkers.

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Renske Lauterbach

Customer Service Manager

Renske made her first dive in 2002 and was immediately hooked. After 5 years of working as a dive guide in Aqaba, Jordan she moved on to Thailand to work in marketing with a worldwide live aboard company based in Phuket. Over the years, she has dived in several of the world’s best dive spots, such as the Galapagos Islands, Philippines, Indonesia, Maldives, Egypt, Thailand and Myanmar. With a good amount of diving knowledge under her belt she is well suited to answer customer questions and advise them on their diving journey.

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Dive Center Manager / Staff Instructor

A PADI Instructor from Land Below The Wind, Sabah, Borneo. Meet Cindy, a passionate and experienced Instructor hailing from the breathtaking region of Sabah Borneo. With a decade of expertise in teaching and diving, He has left an indelible mark in the world of scuba diving, working in some of the most renowned diving destinations across Asia. Cindy’s diving career led him to iconic destinations like Sipadan and Mabul, where he explored mesmerizing marine biodiversity. He also gained valuable experience in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, the Maldives, and Brunei, refining his skills as a diving instructor. As a PADI Staff Instructor, Cindy had the privilege of conducting professional-level PADI courses. His dedication and proficiency in teaching not only ensured that his students received top-notch training but also instilled in them a sense of responsibility and conservation ethics towards the marine environment.

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Dive Instructor

Originally from Germany, Anna’s journey has taken her far from home, all the way to SouthEast Asia where she has been living for 10 years. Once hustling in corporate life, Anna realized her true calling lay beneath the waves. In 2016, she decided to follow her passion for diving and became a PADI professional. Since then, Anna has been working in stunning diving destinations across Malaysia, Bali, and the Maldives. Anna firmly believes in the power of education and responsible diving to create a positive impact on the marine ecosystem. As a seasoned instructor, she is very passionate about sharing her knowledge and teaching fellow diving enthusiasts to appreciate the wonders of the ocean.

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Dive Instructor

Originally from South Africa, Christiaan Swart’s diving journey began at the age of 13. In 2019, he commenced his instructional career at the renowned Sodwana Bay, subsequently working in South Africa, Mozambique, and now Malaysia. Passionate about connecting with people from diverse backgrounds, Chris finds joy in teaching the captivating wonders of the oceans and diving. His collaborations with global universities, particularly on the Leads hard Coral projects, showcase his commitment to marine conservation. Eager for new aquatic adventures, Chris invites you to join him for an unforgettable diving experience intertwined with his trademark dad jokes.

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Dive Instructor

Lynn, originally from Hamburg, Germany, discovered her fascination for the underwater world at a young age. Becoming a PADI dive instructor in 2016 was a natural progression of her passion. Yet, Lynn’s global experiences unveiled a deeper purpose beyond instruction. This realization prompted her to pursue an MSc in Environment & Resource Management, elevating her commitment to marine conservation. Her journey led her to embrace the role of a Marine Biologist with international NGOs in the Maldives. Here, Lynn seamlessly integrated science, education, and community engagement to foster the sustainable well-being of marine ecosystems. This unwavering dedication has consistently guided her path. With OrcaNation at Rawa Island, Lynn reignites her love for the ocean, motivating conservation awareness.

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Nic Chow

Dive Operation Manager

Nic is from Singapore and started diving 13 years ago and began his instructor journey in 2018 on the beautiful island of Bali. He loves exploring the beautiful underwater world and hopes to share this splendid affinity with new divers. He believes that you will only cherish a place if you know how beautiful it is. By sharing this beautiful and mesmerizing underwater world with more people from all walks of life, he hopes it will increase the awareness of its diversity and motivate more people to protect it. The journey as a Scuba Instructor is a constantly evolving one. His goal is to explore any body of water, being the open ocean, caves, or sunken wrecks. Soon, he will get to meet some of you and bring smiles to your underwater journey!

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Dive Instructor

A Scotsman who’s been living abroad for 17 years, natural sportsman and willing to try everything once, doing jobs from being a recruitment specialist to being a wakeboarding instructor he has always kept his passion of the ocean and everything that lives inside it! Diving isn’t a job it’s a life!

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Zuhrah Abdul Rahman

Operations Manager

Zuhrah joined in early 2022 as our School Programme Manager with her vast experience in multiple fields. She’s lived abroad for 8 years, with life experiences in both Spain and in the UK. Professionally she’s worked in sectors such as private education, public education, marketing as well as the financial industry. Over the years, she has realized how much climate change has evolved and her passion for getting the right message across to future generations about saving our planet continues to grow. She is a firm believer that they essentially are the people that will govern the country someday and have important roles to change for the better.

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Jeremy Quek Zuo Yi

Outdoor Ed Coach

Since childhood, Jeremy always wanted to work with and around nature, to spread the message of conservation. After graduation from the University of Melbourne, Jeremy has focused his work in the sustainability and horticultural industry in Singapore. Jeremy’s true passion lies in education and outreach. He firmly believes that if you want to teach the next generation about sustainability and conservation, you cannot just teach students using a powerpoint slide. You have to expose them to nature to see the real world for themselves up close. Only in this way, will students see how much we need to protect and conserve for our next generation.

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