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  • Reef Clean Up

    Reef Clean Up

    Orca Scuba will be joining their friends at the S.E.A. aquarium again this coming Tuesday to participate in an underwater reef clean up at Singapore’s very own Pulau Hantu.

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  • Fathers Day Special on Rawa

    This June the 17th & 18th we would like to offer all of you kids the chance for some male bonding with your old man with another weekend special from Orca Scuba: Don’t Tell Mom (Father’s Day) offer!   Hosted by: Orca Scuba & Make “Pops” feel like a trooper by bringing him on…

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  • Mutant Fish!

    Mutant Fish!

    The Coelacanth is probably the strangest and one of the ugliest looking fish around! This guys’ appearance may seem a bit scary with nothing joyful or colourful about it, they are a bit brown, grey, blue and whitish. On the whole a bit bland. So ugly, old and fat, there doesn’t seem to be much…

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  • Orca Scuba Book Launch & Conservation Talk

    Orca Scuba Book Launch & Conservation Talk

    To all Orca Scuba friends. As you know we are passionate about conservation especially for the marine environment. One of our missions is to educate the local community and particularly the younger generation about what they can to do protect our oceans to make them a healthier place. We are very proud to announce that…

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  • Triggerfish: Friend or Foe?

    Balistidae Aka – Triggerfish, speak to any experienced diver and usually, they will have a few tales to tell! There are approximately 40 different species in this family ranging in colour and size. While generally fairly docile, they can sometimes become aggressive when defending their territory. Putting your forefinger and middle finger together in the…

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  • Rawa Island Resort: Top Romantic Getaways in Asia Pacific

    Rawa Island Resort: Top Romantic Getaways in Asia Pacific

    Rawa Island. Pride of place in Asia Pacific We at Orca Scuba are very proud to have been placed shoulder to shoulder with destinations such as The Maldives and Raja Ampat as one of the top romantic dive island getaways in Asia Pacific as nominated by in their recent article top romantic dive getaways. Our little piece…

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  • Finding the Perfect Scuba Mask – A Guide by Orca Scuba

    The “ Scuba Mask” Finding the “perfect fit” scuba mask, how to care for it before and after scuba diving and why you should not be scared to remove it when underwater. You have become a new scuba diver or you are thinking of taking up scuba and wonder what essential equipment you will need to begin…

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  • Diving updates

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  • We’re blogging…

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