Our Team’s Favourite “Time of Togetherness” Moments

It’s only a few more weeks until Chinese New Year on 25 January 2020! More than a quarter of the world’s population is looking forward to the yearly spring festival. These days are filled with traditions that have survived for centuries! But the...

It’s only a few more weeks until Chinese New Year on 25 January 2020! More than a quarter of the world’s population is looking forward to the yearly spring festival. These days are filled with traditions that have survived for centuries!

But the Lunar New Year is not just about celebrations on the 25th. The consecutive days are reserved for family time – be it at home or on vacation. Family members from far away catch up with their loved ones and enjoy a great time of togetherness. From the youngest newborn to the grandparents, generations finally gather together – a rather special occasion for a lot of families.

To accommodate this, we offer ocean adventures tailored to families‘ needs. Whether you’re just looking for a Chinese New Year getaway or want to learn to scuba dive as a family, we’ve got you covered. Togetherness goes hand in hand with happiness, and our team loves to incorporate this in everything we do. Read through some of their most memorable stories!

Holly: “The passion for the marine environment is something that really brings people together”

As I’ve decided to commit my life and career to coral reef conservation, I’ve discovered that a passion for the marine environment is something that really brings people together. I’ve spent time working on marine conservation projects in Mexico, the United States, Thailand, and now Malaysia, and have met people from all walks of life who share the same love: the ocean.

Young and old, professionals and students, divers and non-divers alike all come together to learn what they can about diving and protecting the ocean.

My favourite example is from when I had the opportunity to complete the Reef Check EcoDiver course with OrcaNation. My instructors, Cameron and Britney, my fellow classmates, Nina and Buddy, and a Reef Check trainer, Alvin, had an absolutely fantastic time over the four-day course. Even though we already had OrcaNation in common, we are all from different countries, backgrounds, and careers, and we teamed up to learn how to monitor the overall health of the reef. Each with our own strengths, we traded tips, tricks and fun facts to pass the fish, invertebrates, and substrate monitoring modules of the course. I can’t wait to get into the water with them again and conduct some surveys!

Chinese New Year - OrcaNation

Asyraf: “I was privileged to share an experience underwater with my uncle”

Diving has been part of my life for more than a decade. It has opened my eyes to the exquisite marine flora and fauna our oceans has to offer and the importance of conserving it. For this past decade, I was able to share this experience with friends, colleagues and students but not family.

Recently though, I was privileged to share an experience underwater with my uncle. Both my aunt, uncle and myself went on a trip to Gili Trawangan and he mentioned that he would like to join me on a dive. He signed himself up for a Discover Scuba Dive with Trawangan Dive and before I knew it, he was submerged entirely in the blue waters of Gili T, diving alongside me (as pictured). He seemed like a natural underwater and was as if he was truly trying to absorb all the new, unfamiliar beauty underneath within that short hour. This was confirmed when he exclaimed enthusiastically that he would like to sign himself up for the full Open Water course! Now, for most, this may seem like an ordinary experience but to me, it was certainly a memory I will hold very dear.

Chinese New Year - OrcaNation

Britney: “This encounter was the starting point of a wonderful bond”

Being able to share beautiful moments underwater with other like-minded people is what keeps me driven every single day. There’s nothing quite like the smile on our guests’ faces after introducing them to this world!

However, I will never forget about one of our recent trips to the Komodo National Park. It was Christmas Eve, and we took a lovely family out on a dive and snorkel trip. We were all hoping for Santa to gift us some magnificent Manta Ray encounters, and he didn’t let us down. After seeing numerous Mantas during our snorkel, we were just about to return back to the boat, reuniting with the divers.

But as we left our spot, more and more Mantas appeared out of nowhere, dancing around right underneath us. Needless to say, everyone jumped off the boat again to witness this spectacle. Observing these majestic creatures left our guests speechless – and to be very honest, me too. We even struggled to count them! A career as a scuba instructor will inevitably allow you to see some incredible things underwater, and this moment ranks high on my list.

The mood on the boat couldn’t have been any better for the rest of the trip. Everyone was full of admiration, knowing that this was the best Christmas present we could have asked for. This encounter was the starting point of a wonderful bond between our guest family on board and the team, lasting beyond that day!

Tell us about your time of togetherness story and dive for less!

After presenting you with some of our OrcaPods’ stories, we can’t wait to read yours. Whether you’ve helped on a humanitarian mission or took your family on an adventure, post your personal story on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to add a picture or video and include #OrcaNation and #TimeOfTogetherness!

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Ready for a Chinese New Year Getaway?

Longing for the oceans? There’s no place on earth that amazes and connects people across generations as much as the sea – perfect for your Chinese New Year getaway. Let the kids experience snorkelling while the grandparents are enjoying a coffee on the beach. Or take the whole family diving on Chinese New Year, and you might soon be returning with a story similar to what Britney’s guests have experienced!

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Article by Christian Buergi

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