About Us

At OrcaNation, we strive to become a central hub for action, education and hope for the oceans. We want to humanify the future through The Orca Way.
“Humanify / Humanifying” : The action or an act of making someone or something seem gentler, kinder, or more appealing to people.

Our Vision

To become a central hub for action, education and hope for the oceans, planet and ourselves. To spark a movement for conservation and adventure, proving that, as humanity heals the oceans and planet, the oceans and planet will heal humanity.

Our Mission

To help children and their families fall deeply in love with the oceans, planet and ourselves, spreading a sense of urgency for conservation and repair.

Our Values

  • Education as a tool to save the planet
  • Respect for life and ecosystems
  • Belief in a positive future
  • Action over complacency

The Orca Way

Jeroen has always loved Orcas, they are one of the only mammals with a brain bigger than humans. They use their own language, have their own culture and are very powerful animals. They are playful, but they also respect the society which they live in, but they will react when aggravated!

Jeroen’s aim is for OrcaNation to reflect the Orca style; thoughtful, peaceful and caring to our environment. Having practiced Judo for many years, Jeroen learned that judo is “the gentle way”. It uses the negative energy of an opponent or environment and turns it into something positive, you neutralize the threat, but without destroying your opponent.

Meet The OrcaNation Team

Meet our extraordinary team of ocean lovers, dive enthusiasts, planet protectors, teachers, changemakers and generally incredible people who we are proud to call members of our OrcaPod.

Are you planing an adventure?

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